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Neil Schwartz
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I got out with Ben this morning. The plan was to hit The Shore, so I packed my Excalibur along with my V3i, and Ben brought along his e-trac. After an hour of trying to pull anything of value out of the sanded in Jersey beaches, he suggested swinging by his grandparent's house which was nearby. He told me the house was built in the 1930's and he had pulled some Wheaties from the soil there. The thought of a silver Rosie or Merc was better than the pouch full of air that was attached to my belt so over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we went!


I immediately dug a few Wheaties, as well as severing a buried underground copper wire with my Relic Pro! One thing I don't miss about living near The Shore is the no-see-ums. It has been a lot of years since I had to deal with these painful pests!


After about 30 minutes I got a broken dime reading at around 7 inches, but it was considerably deeper and I had to dig a plug within a plug to get the target. Once on the surface I got a solid 81 on my V3i. I said "I bet this is a silver dime" to Ben, but we both nearly fell over when I saw the copper King George in the dirt!




Ben walked back to his spot, and I got a deep lower tone signal in the 50's about three feet away from the KG. Another copper!! I called over to him "guess what, I got another one!" and he said "yeah right!".


I worked the area slowly and right in between the first two I got a deep but strong nickel signal. It was a solid 19 on the display. Out popped copper (?) number 3!! I yelled over to Ben again "you won't believe this".




A little while later Ben came over and showed me a tiny coin, saying "can you believe this? Play money!" I looked down and told him it wasn't play money, it was a silver half dime! His first seated coin. I will let him tell more about it in his own post.


The furthest thing from my mind were coppers today. It is strange that last year I could not buy myself coppers, and this year they seem to be popping out of the ground and into my pouch! What I can't figure out is why copper number 3 sounded like a nickel. All I can come up with is that it may be something other than copper brass or even lead [Correction: One coin appears to be a Wm III Halfpenny, the other appears to be a Wm & Mary Halfpenny. I don't see a plug, so I am not sure it can be a rare tin coin, but VDI is way too low for copper or even lead!] I noticed the coin is beginning to crack so someone HELP tell me how to keep it from crumbling!!!


My last target of the day was a tiny rose button. No outing is complete unless I dig a button or two.






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Donny nj
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Great story wow!!! goes to show ya you just never know in this hobby !!;)


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Sounds like you got some goodies.

GII coins up here are usually period fakes, only 2 out of 12 I've recovered are genuine.

many other old cfts also, two draped cents in lead.. one is over 18 grams..

Interested in your possible 'tin' coin, is it in any galleries?

I just found the group shot  in your 2012 album,

what have you since discovered about the low reader ???  Thanks, Herbie.


Visit www.yougofishing.com to see more digs! 

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