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I got out with my old detecting buddy Pat this morning. He picked the spot which was a wooded area behind a sports field. It would not be my first choice, but I haven't seen him for over a year and it was a beautiful morning just to be out.


Within the first few minutes of detecting I got a jumpy VDI at around 6 inches and dug a silver disk. My first thought was a silver dime, but when the dirt fell away all I held was a smooth silver colored disk. I put it in my pouch and examined it a few times throughout the morning trying to see detail. I figured it may be a flat button if I was lucky.


After about an hour with only one other flat button and the shiny disk in my pouch, Pat suggested another spot, a former farm field that is now a sports complex.


Within a few minutes I found what I thought would be the find of the day, a $5 bill! I put it in my pocket and kept detecting for about another hour, and then we called it quits.


This evening, after a long day of yard work, I had some time to examine the shiny, smooth disk. I noticed that the edge was reeded, so I got a silver Rosie out to compare the reeds. The coin was a bit thinner than the Rosie, but the reeds lined up. It was a dime, but would I ever know what type? I turned it around and around and could not make out a thing. I decided to weigh it, and it came in at 2.1 grams. I opened The Red Book out and noticed that the Capped Bust dimes weighed more than a Rosie, and the early Seated Coins weighed a bit less. I rotated it a few more times in different light on each side and finally caught the vague outline of the Seated Liberty!



It is even underweight for an early Seated (1853-1872), which should weigh 2.49 grams. This coin lost almost 20% of its mass! The back is totally smooth. It seems like it may have been done intentionally.


It is only my second Seated Dime, and both were found this year.


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