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Neil Schwartz
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I recently hit an old "standby" site; one which always seems to give up silver or gold.  It is an old dried up lake bed.  The problem is that it is not easily accessible.  It can be very muddy, or the ticks and the mosquitoes can be unbearable.  

The weather has been fairly dry, and it is a bit too early for the mosquitoes and ticks for the most part.  I took advantage and hit the lake bottom, using my D2 coil.  My settings were my standard settings...RX Gain=12, All Metal Sens=75 and Disc Sens=92.  Mixed Mode =ON and Recovery Delay=90.  I dug some questionable signals and one was a repeatable mid-range signal.  I almost gave up on it because of its depth in the mud, but finally pulled out a sad looking 1950 quarter at more than a foot down!  

I see posts from people on a regular basis saying that the V3i is not a deep detector.  I think you will agree that a 12 inch deep quarter in mineralized lake bottom mud is a deep coin for any metal detector.

A while later I moved to the sandy banks where a new problem arose.  Iron, and lots of it!  I kept all of my settings the same with the exception of Recovery Delay, which was lowered to 50 to get between the iron.  Mixed Mode was ON and was screaming continually!  After a few minutes I got a solid 84 hit right between the iron and dug a beautiful 1942 quarter.  

The V3i is so versatile, moving from deep mud to heavy iron with just minor adjustments!

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