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T-Mobile Claims Blackberry Z10 is Available to Business Customers

Posted on March 13, 2013 at 6:25 PM

Could it be that T-Mobile's claim that it's the first US carrier to offer the Blackberry Z10 is a complete lie?    Would any company stoop so low to give a false report that a device was available just to claim be the first US carrier to do so?

According to news reports and T-Mobile customer service representatives, the Z10 became available to their business customers on March 11th.  

I happen to be a T-mobile business customer, so I decided it was time to upgrade from my ancient BB Curve to the new touch screen Z10.  First I tried calling the customer service representative.  After arguing with the voice recognition system for a while, I finally got through to a representative who (after giving her my vital information to confirm my account) confirmed what I had heard.  She politely answered my question and transferred me to an upgrade specialist who should be able to help with my request.  After a somewhat lengthy time on hold, I was connected with a gentleman who once again confirmed that the Z10 was available to business customers, but he was unable to help me with a purchase.  This could only be done through my local business representative.  

It was news to me that I even have a local representative.  I was offered to be connected with this local representative and was also provided with a telephone number, in case we got disconnected.  Then came the wait.  I waited and listened to scratchy music that souded like it was an old 78 RPM vinyl record.  After a lengthy wait, the inevitable happened.  I got disconnected.  

But, yes!!! I had been provided with the telephone number of the representative...or so I thought.  I dialed the number that I had so carefully written down earlier (and even read back to confirm that I wrote it correctly), only to hear the horrible screeching of a fax machine on the other end!  

So now, with my options running out, I sent an email to the address provided to me by the representative, but got no reply at all.

I then decided to go to the retail outlet that signed me up for the small business plan and was told that the local small business representative could help me, and I was provided with a new name and a new email address.  Once again an email sent with no response.  

Hmmm, now what?  There's one more way that just might work!  I went online to the "live chat" on the T-mobile.  It took the chat rep nearly 10 minutes just to load the webpage he needed.  I actually asked him if he was on a dial up connection, but he failed to see the humor in the question.  After loading the business website and after a number of questions from the chat rep, I thought I was making progress.  I was expecting the next question to be "what is the address you would like the unit to be shipped to", but again was given the local business reps phone number and email address.  It was the same fax number as the first time.

My last resort...a white sheet of paper with my name, email, phone number and account number written in large black marker and the message "I WOULD LIKE TO ORDER A BLACKBERRY Z10 FOR MY BUSINESS ACCOUNT.  PLEASE CALL ME.

So here it is, nearly 12 hours later, with emails & faxes sent, phone messages made and still no Z10, or even a reply confirming my request.  This is a dark hour for T-Mobile and Blackberry.

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