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T-Mobile Claims Blackberry Z10 is Available to Business Customers

Posted on March 13, 2013 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Could it be that T-Mobile's claim that it's the first US carrier to offer the Blackberry Z10 is a complete lie?    Would any company stoop so low to give a false report that a device was available just to claim be the first US carrier to do so?

According to news reports and T-Mobile customer service representatives, the Z10 became available to their business customers on March 11th.  

I happen to be a T-mobile business customer, so I decided it was time to upgrade from my ancient BB Curve to the new touch screen Z10.  First I tried calling the customer service representative.  After arguing with the voice recognition system for a while, I finally got through to a representative who (after giving her my vital information to confirm my account) confirmed what I had heard.  She politely answered my question and transferred me to an upgrade specialist who should be able to help with my request.  After a somewhat lengthy time on hold, I was connected with a gentleman who once again confirmed that the Z10 was available to business customers, but he was unable to help me with a purchase.  This could only be done through my local business representative.  

It was news to me that I even have a local representative.  I was offered to be connected with this local representative and was also provided with a telephone number, in case we got disconnected.  Then came the wait.  I waited and listened to scratchy music that souded like it was an old 78 RPM vinyl record.  After a lengthy wait, the inevitable happened.  I got disconnected.  

But, yes!!! I had been provided with the telephone number of the representative...or so I thought.  I dialed the number that I had so carefully written down earlier (and even read back to confirm that I wrote it correctly), only to hear the horrible screeching of a fax machine on the other end!  

So now, with my options running out, I sent an email to the address provided to me by the representative, but got no reply at all.

I then decided to go to the retail outlet that signed me up for the small business plan and was told that the local small business representative could help me, and I was provided with a new name and a new email address.  Once again an email sent with no response.  

Hmmm, now what?  There's one more way that just might work!  I went online to the "live chat" on the T-mobile.  It took the chat rep nearly 10 minutes just to load the webpage he needed.  I actually asked him if he was on a dial up connection, but he failed to see the humor in the question.  After loading the business website and after a number of questions from the chat rep, I thought I was making progress.  I was expecting the next question to be "what is the address you would like the unit to be shipped to", but again was given the local business reps phone number and email address.  It was the same fax number as the first time.

My last resort...a white sheet of paper with my name, email, phone number and account number written in large black marker and the message "I WOULD LIKE TO ORDER A BLACKBERRY Z10 FOR MY BUSINESS ACCOUNT.  PLEASE CALL ME.

So here it is, nearly 12 hours later, with emails & faxes sent, phone messages made and still no Z10, or even a reply confirming my request.  This is a dark hour for T-Mobile and Blackberry.

A Word About The Metal Detecting Community And This Site

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It has been nearly five years since I first started this website.  The original site consisted of a few pages of photographs of my own metal detecting finds.  There were also a few other pages with basic information about me, and a "Links" page which directed the user to other personal websites, but essentially it was my personal brag board.

Over the years the site has evolved into what has become one of the worlds most popular websites for metal detecting enthusiasts who are looking for in-depth information on metal detectors, equipment, techniques, and much more.  Each month thousands of visitors from all corners of the globe access the site.  Many are experienced detectorists looking to advance their detecting skills, while others are just getting into the hobby and are researching their very first detector purchase.

One thing that nearly all the visitors to the site have in common is that we are all part of the metal detecting community; a relatively small group of hobbyists who share two common goals; discovery and recovery. 

The information provided on the site is meant to enhance the visitor's metal detecting experience with words, pictures and sounds.  It is comprised of information provided by manufacturers and hobbyists alike.  I have personally spent thousands of hours compiling this information and organizing it in a way that is easily navigated.  

Recently the site has come under attack from a certain person who has accused me of routing people to the site in order to make a profit.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  While I do offer a few metal detector accessories, it does not even generate enough revenue to support a starving cat in a third world nation.  I have invested quite a bit of my own money into domain names and hosting, not to mention my most valuable asset, time.  Why?  It is called passion.  I have a passion for the hobby that I know is shared by thousands of others. Guys like my friend Dave who is out detecting the shore even on the coldest February nights, when the thermometer reads below freezing.  Or my other friend, also named Dave, who detects the hills of CT, even when snow covers the ground.

I share the information provided here because it gives me a great feeling, seeing others discover and recover amazing things.  I strongly encourage you to share your experiences and your YouTube videos on the site.  We all learn from each other.  It is what makes our community what it is.  (Having your YouTube video embedded on this site also helps drive up your number of views.)  

I will gladly remove any material from my site that you feel you do not want shared with others, as this person has requested.  Unfortunately, some people do not understand the concept of community.  These people build walls instead of relationships and then speak out about our differences rather than focus on our similarities.

As I mentioned, I pay the entire cost of operating the site out of my own pocket, with the exception of the few products and an advertisement or two which help offset the cost of running the site.  I encourage you to click on "Donate" to help impove the site and add new features, and to make it the number 1 metal detecting resource in the world.

Thank you for your support!


Putting Things In Perspective. It's Just A Hobby!

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Sometimes we get our priorities in life mixed up. I came to the realization recently that I took metal detecting a bit too seriously, and it almost became another full time job.  I thought about this a lot over the "winter break" and decided to re-prioritize things and came up  with a resolution.  

My New Year's resolution for 2012 to focus more on family and my professional career. That does not mean I have given up detecting. I just realize that sometimes I take metal detecting a bit too seriously, forgeting that it is just a hobby.

I have gotten out on some weekends and found some great things already this year, including buttons, a King George II Halfpenny, my first Seated Dime and more!  Check out my videos for some footage of my recent outings as well.

Check back for more content coming soon!

How to fight convenience fees.

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Earlier today I called the pay-by-phone number of my electric provider, PSE&G.  I was told at the beginning of the call that there was a  "convenience fee" for using the service, but it was not until the end of the call after the payment, bank information and confirmation prompt that I was told what the fee would be, a whopping $4.95 cents on top of my $272.61 payment!  When asked if I agreed to the terms, I answered with a defiant "no", and decided I would make them pay for the convenience of dealing with me directly.  

As soon as I hung up the phone I went to the local branch of my bank. (I will save my rants about them for another day).  I asked the teller for $208.11 in pennies, $15.55 in nickels, $26.20 in dimes, and $22.75 in quarters.  The teller was nice enough to provide with a box at no charge, which is about the only thing this bank does not charge for.  The box came in handy;  I went home and filled the rest of the box with packing popcorn, placed my bill on top, taped it up and went to the Post Office to mail it.  The postage was actually $5.71, a bit higher than the "convenience fee", but it was worth the addtional investment to get my message across.  

I am ready with an answer when they call me or write to me with a request to find another form of payment;  this is a convenient way for me to pay my bill.  I will have to charge them a $4.95 cent charge, creditied off my bill each month, if they wish for me to use another form of payment.

I do not actually expect them to honor my request for a convenience credit but I think it is important to send them, and companies like them a message.