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Last Updated March 2, 2021


                         Civil War Era Homestead:  Site of a Lifetime!

Back in November, I finally got permission to metal detect at an old homestead that I've had my eye on for a number of years...two cellar holes and some outer buildings on a small Civil War era property.  I can't find much on the history of the site, but saying it's a productive site is an understatement.

 To date, I've only worked approximately an acre and have dug more than two dozen buttons, artifacts and of course, coins.  Lots of them. There have been some nice Indian Head Cents, including an 1863 "Fatty" in as nice shape as I've ever seen dug, semi-key 1869 and an 1870 that is simply not to be believed.  

For the first few outings I hadn't found any large copper, but during week 3 at the site I finally got a signal at 10 inches that I thought would turn out to be iron, but to my surprise turned out to be an 1851 with EF details.  Another sweep 6 inches to the right and another similar deep signal. After digging more than 14 inches, I came up with a very large crotal bell, with the makers mark of William Barton III, Americas first bell maker.  There's been much more since those first few outings in November, but I don't want to spoil all the fun.  Jump over to the photo galleries where you'll find pictures of many of the other finds including more large coppers, silver and more.  I hope you enjoy the galleries.  

Neil in West Jersey 

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